• Garage Door Service Orting
    We install your garage
    doors with ease
    Here at Garage Door Service Orting will like to invite you to visit or catalogue of
    automatic doors and accessories for whatever doorway you need in your house,
    commerce, industry or farm. With our wide selection of doors, widow’s style,
    models, colors and patterns, you will find whatever you are looking.
  • Garage Door Repair Orting
    Garage Doors
    Acquiring a new garage door it not an easy decision, you need to find that
    great design, in the exact size at the proper price. For that reason we at
    Orting Garage Doors will like to help you, offering you our wide selection
    of gates and automatics doors, and even if you do not find the right one
    for you, we have the skills and wide selection of materials, models patterns,
    colors, and window styles so you can get your dream gate.
  • Orting Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Already have the perfect gate bur is starting to malfunction? No problem,
    just give a call to our team at Orting Garage Doors and they will get that
    garage door unstuck and running swiftly on its tracks in a record time.
Garage Door Service in Orting: (360) 342-6583

Garage Door Service Orting

New Door Installation

In every one of our offices we will gladly present you about our ample selection in materials and styles for automatic garage doors so you can get the right door you want.

Garage Door Orting

New Opener Installation

Orting Garage Doors also offers you the best selection of modern openers, from chain driven to shaft driven, and also their respective wireless remote system, controllers and any replacement you need.

Garage Door Service Orting

Garage Door Repair Orting

Having any problem with your  any component of your automatic door? Call us as soon as possible, our 24/7 garage door repair service in Orting will make sure you can sleep safe.

Orting Garage Doors

Need more information? Just call one of our specialist at Orting Garage Doors just give the details and get a free quote. Repairs, installation, maintenance or a new garage doors, whatever you need we offer it. Our talented  team is ready to service, repair or install a new garage door system in no time. Come and visit our offices to get to know our huge variety in materials, models,  styles, gate openers, remotes, rail installations and our systems specialized in industrial and business locations; you can also just check our website. We know is more than just a gate, is the insurance of your family safety and privacy. For that reason we offer  trusty automated garage doors. Here at Orting Garage Doors we have the widest catalogue of modern garage door opening systems, as well as excellent safety options for your garage, and of course, the materials and styles to match it.

Do your door need a new look or is the rail system is jamming? Well whatever is the wiring, a spring, or the rail of your door that is giving you problems here at Orting Garage Doors we can fix it. We can also replace that old remote for a brand new one.

In Orting Garage Doors we adjust our work to your specific needs. Building and maintaining your garage doors are only two of the many services we offer. Customer satisfaction is our principal value.

In Orting Garage Doors we also consider your financial situation that’s why in addition to our durable materials at fair price we include a full warranty, cost free, for all the products and services we provide, responding and repairing immediately if any problem show up at your new door.

Are you worried about style or quality? Well do not, we only deal with the most recognized  garage door manufactures and use only high-quality materials to give you  have a great selection including a variety of  wooden doors  for a classic facade .Maybe your concern is weight or resistance, well we also provide  steel and aluminum doors for excellent resistance and flexibility, while being  lightweight  to only need a small efficient opener.

All our works include the insulation appropriate for houses. But if you have special insulation and closure needs our experts will gladly inspect, advise and inform you about cost and options of materials, preventive services, and specialized opener systems. With  our experts recommendation you will get what you need at the best price.

Garage Door Service in Orting

Who we are

Here in Orting Garage Doors we are proud to have a team of professionals with experience, and familiar with the newest technologies in the market that we are sure can get any job done . We blame our success to our strong  commitment with our community, our mission is to improve the safety of Orting, making it a nicer city to live in.


We work with only the best and newest materials available in the market. That’s why whatever you need, from stunning wooden doors to a strong steel door we have the skill and experience to it as you need it done. We also provide lighter materials like fiber and aluminum; if you need for your door we have it.


We are experts in thermal insulation. To suit your needs, our doors can be adapted with insulation materials to the point we can guarantee maximum thermal containment.


We offer all kind of openers, from chain driven to open heavy industrial doors  to compact  belt driven to open quietly in residential areas. We also offer power supplies so doors can be opened automatically in case of a power shortage.

Affordable Service

We will make certain you install and pay no more than is needed l and pay what is needed, always at the best price at the market.

Reliable Services

We respect your schedule. We will be on time and leave in no time.

Professional Services

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to get any job done.

Clients Testimonials

  • Craig Honer

    I decided to install a new door so I called Orting Garage Doors , just looking at the catalogue I knew I’ll get the right one, what surprised was how well and fast they did the job. I wouldn’t doubt in recommending them.

  • Christopher Adams

    I didn’t wanted to install a garage door for fear that it would take an eternity, but I ended calling Orting Garage Doors talk with specialist, got a free quote and accepted it, the job was done in a professional way, at a reasonable price, and way faster that I was expecting.

  • Sylvia Bragg

    I used to have very old garage door opener malfunctioning. I believed the only solution was replacing it, but Orting Garage Doors suggested me otherwise, their experts came and got in running immediately. Without the need to buy a new one. I was impressed with such a good service.

Our Basic Services

Orting Garage Doors will supply you whatever service related to garage doors you need for your house, industry or business. You can always count on our workers having the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, won’t call more than once to solve your problem. Our three main areas of expertise are:

Garage Door Repair Orting

Orting Garage Door Installation

Whatever size, material, size or kind of garage door you need, we can build it and install it, and of course an appropriate opener for your gate. Just ask to know more about our materials and style and special opener requirements, including, but not limited to: remote controls, photocells and access control systems.

Orting Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

From a broken springs to a doors that went completely out of its tracks. Our experts have the best tools and replacement parts to get the job perfectly done without making you wait for days.

Orting Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Orting

We provide reveal repair work solutions so you never ever need to wait days for your garage door to be dealt with. We fix broken remotes, broken springs, off track doors, rot, and rust. We bring our tools and equipment when we view so we can start immediately if you want.

Garage Door Service Orting

Ready to install your new garage door or fix that faulty one? Well just fill the form below or give us a call at the number at your right side. Our experts will happily answer any question. And you can also just give us the details of the job you need and we will send you a free quote describing cost and time of all your requirements.

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