Broken Springs

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Garage Door Broken Springs

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Having a problem with your garage door springs? Why get exhausted and risk your fingers get pinched? Orting Garage Door Repair has a large variety of services to get the door of your garage, parking or warehouse running like new. For us at Orting Garage Door Repair  repairing broken springs is an easy routine job, you will find that Orting Garage Door Repair is synonymous with security, quality, great service and well maintained garage doors.

We at Orting Garage Door Repair are effective in spring repairing. From minor repairs to completely restructuring the complete face of your garage, we go it covered. You can feel safe knowing the work will be done by a specialist.

Torsion Springs

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Cheapest materials and parts are the ones that are usually installed in garage doors for residences, unfortunately  this limits the life of your torsion springs and the number of times in can open and close without failure. Depending of the usage they will crack or break  after just a two-three years limit.

As soon as you start noticing your automatic door stopping when  going up or you hear a loud bang in the opening of the door it is now the time to call us, probably only one of them is broken, but both of them should be replaced as they will have the same wear and tear. Here  at Orting Garage Doors Repair we give you the option of installing low cycle springs, that last up to three years or, if you prefer,  high cycle springs so you don’t have to worry even after many years of regular use. Remember to avoid “life-long spring” and no respectable manufacturer would claim so. Try not open the garage door when you notice your springs are failing, it will make the damage worse. Avoid this tedious and dangerous chore and just leave this job to the professionals.

Extension Spring

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This is an extension springs, larger and more durable than torsion springs, and are used for smaller garage doors. Both extension and torsion springs, when damaged will cause you problems. As soon as you hear a snap when opening the door  you should replace your springs. They will just become elongated with time, and after a while, they will break. Just call us in Orting Garage Door Repair  and we will take care, remember It is necessary to have both of them replaced and calibrated at the same time so both sides can open and close simultaneously.  Our team is  without doubt your best choice in Orting.

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