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About us

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You can count on Orting Garage Door Repair 24/7 with our emergency service throughout Orting and the nearby areas. We are considered the best because our goal is the satisfaction of our customers and because our skill and training is unmatched by our competitors.

At Orting Garage Door Repair, we’re proud of providing the best garage door installation and  to maintain superior performance we focus on one job at a time , is a much personal approach than the usual reach of large companies, as a result we are able  to offer the customers the benefit of being our only task. We have learned that the majority of door faults are produced by defective installation techniques, careless workmanship and poor communication from the installers. To avoid this we at  Orting Garage Door Repair maintain as a goal to achieve the highest level of dedication, craftsmanship and communication in our services of installing and repairing garage doors.  We reach every situation  with the same level of professionalism from the installation of a new door to the repairing of  a broken controller, every customer have satisfaction guaranteed the way only personal treatment can achieve.  And of course you receive fast job done well and a simplified instructions for doing  proper maintenance on your device. We also offer regular service  to every of our doors. We at Orting Garage Door Repair  want to make sure your keep your warranty intact and tour door stay running  smoothly, for everyone of our clients.

Among the many services we offer, our experts in Orting will always be at your disposition through our emergency number or via our online web. We  as well repair door panels , broken springs,  rollers cables (frayed or rusted), opener sensors and drives, put  doors back on its tracks and many more. With our many services and customer focus we at Orting Garage Door Repair are proud to be the best residential, commercial and industrial garage door service.

In  Orting Garage Door Repair we also offer special services for overhead and garage door maintenance and repair, new openers,  new residential garage doors, broken spring and broken remote repairing and new commercial garage door controllers, of course with their needed maintenance. In Orting Garage Door Repair  we know our commitment to customer service and  you satisfaction, it’s the base of reputation and therefore the reason of our success.  We are here to serve you so grab the phone or use our web services. At Orting Garage Door Repair we are pleases to help you. Ask for a free quote and start working on your repairing, installation, or designing needs.

At Orting Garage Door Repair we know you want to safeguard your loved ones, yourself and your possessions, and we want to help you, and when we leave, leave with nothing to worry about. Between our excellent work,  warranty and customer service we know you will be happy. Orting Garage Door Repair the best in Orting